The Moment. The Medal. The Memory.

4:45am. The alarm goes off. Where is my other shoe? Oh crap. I’m late. She’s going to have to wait for me again. How many miles are on the plan this morning? Urgh, I can’t find my watch. Out the door.

6:00am. Everyone in the house is up. I’m not ready for them to be up yet. You never told me about the science project due today! Yes, I’ll see if there are any waffles left. Get downstairs.

6:34am. Dishes in dishwasher. Laundry in.

7:42am. Why is it that when it’s my turn to drop them off at school, the drop off line is the absolute longest? What is this, the Great Wall of Minivans?

7:57am. I’ve got 3 minutes. I’m totally grabbing a coffee. I need coffee.

8:30am. Boss calls me into office. Project deadline tomorrow. Co-worker just quit, now it’s my responsibility to pick up the slack.

10:10am. Email from my sister. Completely forgot she & her husband are visiting this weekend. Must go grocery shopping. Must clean guest bedroom.

11:45am. Totally just crushed that sales report meeting. I’m the master of excel spreadsheet. The office should really just call me: =SUM(Awesome:Genius).

12:07pm. I just spilled guacamole on my pants. I have a green splotch on my upper thigh. Awesome. It’s only lunch time on Tuesday, and I’m wishing it was 5pm on Friday.

Ever have one of those days? Where it feels like you just can’t get ahead? Every little thing side punches the success train off the tracks.… Read the rest

Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Announces DreamBank as Title Sponsor for Inaugural Event

Capitol View Events is proud to welcome DreamBank,as Title Sponsor of the 2020 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K in Madison, Wisconsin. This inaugural event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Januar 1, 2020, with additional event weekend activities on Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27,

“We are beyond excited to bring an opportunity for women to achieve their running and healthy lifestyle goals by offering a women’s only running event weekend” says Justin Pernitz, Co-Owner of Capitol View Events. “We want to cultivate an encouraging, uplifting, and empowering weekend retreat for women. A weekend to celebrate every step and sacrifice it takes to get to the starting line, and the best race experience possible to remember their finish line”.

Amanda Tillman, DreamBank Manager, states that “American Family Insurance protects what you’ve achieved so you can dream fearlessly. At DreamBank we are helping people pursue their dreams – like running their first or fastest race – with inspirational events and resources from community leaders like Capitol View Events.”

National women’s running group Fellow Flowers will kick-off the weekend’s events, hosting a Friday evening welcome reception. Other weekend events included are morning yoga, a pre-race shakeout run, wellness expo, motivational speakers, course information sessions, the half marathon and 5K races, and post-race party for all race

Registration for the race and weekend events is available at Early registration is encouraged due to limited availability for the weekend experience.

Capitol View Events is a race event company in Middleton, WI and produces highly organized community events including the Summit Credit Union Capitol View Triathlon and Haunted Hustle.… Read the rest

2020 Ambassadors Wanted!

Do you LOVE running and supporting other women chasing their goals?  Do you want to see the Madison’s women running community strengthen through a supportive and encouraging atmosphere?  Do you want to have an insiders view of how Madison’s first half marathon dedicated to women can make a huge positive impact on our community?  Are you positively active on social media and love to share your running experiences?  Then you can be a Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Ambassador!


  • FREE Weekend Experience Registration into the 2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K event
  • 50% registration discount code to share (limit 1)
  • Discount codes to share with family + friends periodically throughout the year
  • FREE official Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K merchandise (1/4 zip jacket)
  • Get paid 5% commission of individual total sales at expo events
  • Opportunity to see & purchase new merch designs before they are available to public
  • FREE 2020 Her Madison Half Marathon shirt to train in
  • 15% in-store discount at Endurance House Middleton

In Return, Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Requests:

  • Spread the Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K race love to friends & family
  • 2 social media posts per month (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), with direct tagging to Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K social media accounts, representing the race positively and with excitement
  • Minimum 2 on-site expo events, selling registrations and promoting race (2 x 4 hr shifts)
    • Women’s’ Expo (Nov 20 & 21)
    • Declare It Day (Feb)
    • Capitol View Triathlon Packet Pick Up (June)
    • Her Madison Half Marathon Expo (June) (merch sales)
    • Madison Mini Expo (Aug)
  • Familiarize & learn event details to be well informed of race information & policies from
Read the rest

2019 Wrap Up

What a year 2019 has been, full of strength and courage powered by your grit. The ambition to crush goals was above and beyond what anyone could expect. We’re proud of every one of you for your efforts and determination to be the best version of you.

Go ahead and put your sparkly finisher medal back on for a few minutes. Wear it proud!Read the rest

Ambassador Spotlight: Glorisa Reason

When I first started running (in 2011), I found that it brought out so many emotions that I didn’t even know I had. Even through the huffing and puffing I was amazed every time I laced up and walked out the door because I was doing something I never thought I would. It instilled a new confidence, a newfound freedom, and helped me to learn to truly believe in myself again.

I had completed numerous races going into Her half in 2016. However, I was coming off two years of significant injuries as well as shoulder surgery that previous November. Oh and the WORST race of my life was just two months prior. I was a mess to say the least. I lost a lot of those warm fuzzy feelings over the two years of setbacks, but Her Madison helped me find hope again. It helped me believe that even in our toughest times we can begin again – and we can finish strong!

This race is nothing short of amazing. The cocktail party, the expo, the gear, the wonderful staff, the organization, I could go on and on, but I have to talk about the finish line. As someone who loves music when I run, I always crank it up as I enter the finishers chute and rock out to whatever strategically placed song I have on my playlist.

Her Madison was different

For the first time ever, I removed my headphones because I could literally hear the cheers before we ever turned the last corner.… Read the rest

Ambassador Spotlight: Amanda Buchberger

Running has led me to change not only my outward appearance but also my attitude of life. I have never enjoyed looking at the world and exploring new places until I discovered running. It has been a magical adventure to say the least!

In 2020, I set out to do one race every month. I started with 5Ks, then I really pushed myself and worked my way up quickly to half marathons! I even ran a marathon– whoop whoop!! But I distinctly remember my June race, Her Madison Half Marathon. I was nervous! I had run at least 2 half marathons before this, but my body just felt tired. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do it…I wasn’t strong enough…I wasn’t good enough.

All those fears changed from the moment I started the race. From start to finish, someone was cheering me on, runners and spectators alike! It was like we were a team, and we were all going to make it together! I remember strangers cheering me on, chatting with other runners telling each other “don’t give up”. I pushed on because I wasn’t going to let myself give up.I remember crossing the finish line and thinking, “See, you did it! You are strong enough. You are good enough!”

The Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K gives that feeling to every single woman who participates. When I couldn’t run in 2016, I volunteered at the finish line. I could see the feeling of accomplishment in each ladies’ face, and they deserved it!… Read the rest

Ambassador Spotlight: Sarah Greim

I’m Sarah Greim from Davenport, Iowa! I had been running for three years and decided in 2015 to tackle my very first half marathon. The idea of 13.1 miles was daunting and downright scary! I was able to persevere with the help of my hometown friends who ran the Her Madison with me as well as my online accountability friend and soul/sole sister Melissa.

The Her Madison weekend was amazing! From the moment I arrived at the hotel I knew this wasn’t just a race. The party, the energy, and the encouragement was beyond expectations.  

Running the half marathon was an amazing experience. My other soul/sole sister Angie found me and ran with me step for step. She encouraged me, connected with me and reminded me that if running was easy everyone would do it.The best memories of that day were crossing the finish line hand-in-hand with Angie and Melissa and then getting a medal and hugs. This is why I want every woman to do this race, so others can experience the uplifting energy of women runners.  

In 2016 I arrived solo. No Angie by my side, no friend to run step for step with me. This however does not mean I ran alone that day. There was so much support and encouragement on the course! Angie texted me to check my progress telling me she would be there at mile 12 to finish the race with me. She would periodically text me to let me know how close to a PR I was.… Read the rest

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