Running has led me to change not only my outward appearance but also my attitude of life. I have never enjoyed looking at the world and exploring new places until I discovered running. It has been a magical adventure to say the least!

In 2020, I set out to do one race every month. I started with 5Ks, then I really pushed myself and worked my way up quickly to half marathons! I even ran a marathon– whoop whoop!! But I distinctly remember my June race, Her Madison Half Marathon. I was nervous! I had run at least 2 half marathons before this, but my body just felt tired. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do it…I wasn’t strong enough…I wasn’t good enough.

All those fears changed from the moment I started the race. From start to finish, someone was cheering me on, runners and spectators alike! It was like we were a team, and we were all going to make it together! I remember strangers cheering me on, chatting with other runners telling each other “don’t give up”. I pushed on because I wasn’t going to let myself give up.I remember crossing the finish line and thinking, “See, you did it! You are strong enough. You are good enough!”

The Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K gives that feeling to every single woman who participates. When I couldn’t run in 2016, I volunteered at the finish line. I could see the feeling of accomplishment in each ladies’ face, and they deserved it! I cannot wait to run the Her Half Marathon again this year, and I hope to see you there too!!

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