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The Moment. The Medal. The Memory.

2016 Her Madison Finisher Medal Reveal 4:45am.  The alarm goes off.  Where is my other shoe?  Oh crap.  I’m late.  She’s going to have to wait for me again.  How many miles are on the plan this morning?  Urgh, I can’t find my watch.  Out the door. 6:00am.  Everyone in the house is up.  I’m not ready for them to be up yet.  You never told me about the science project due today!  Yes, I’ll see if there are any waffles left.  Get downstairs. 6:34am. Dishes in dishwasher.  Laundry in.   7:42am. Why is it that when it’s my turn to drop them off at school, the drop off line is the absolute longest?  What is this, the Great Wall of Minivans? 7:57am.  I’ve got 3 minutes.  I’m totally grabbing a coffee.  I need coffee. 8:30am. Boss calls me into office.  Project deadline tomorrow.  Co-worker just quit, now it’s my responsibility to pick up the slack. 10:10am.  Email from my sister.  Completely forgot she & her husband are visiting this weekend.  Must go grocery shopping.  Must clean guest bedroom. 11:45am.  Totally just crushed that sales report meeting.  I’m the master of excel spreadsheet. The office should really just call me: =SUM(Awesome:Genius).   12:07pm.  I just spilled guacamole on my pants.  I have a green splotch on my upper thigh.  Awesome.  It’s only lunch time on Tuesday, and I’m wishing it was 5pm on Friday. Ever have one of those days?  Where it feels like you just can’t get ahead?  Every little [...]

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Not Just Another Race Shirt.

Click HERE to read 2016 Her Madison Finisher Medal Reveal    2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Participant Shirt This is not just another race shirt. This is YOU. Maybe it's your weekend routine and you’re a seasoned pro at this. You sign up for a race right at the last minute. The day before the race, you question “oh where do I get my packet again?” You look up directions to the packet pick up, and you quickly walk in. You impatiently wait in line, you get handed your bib, you stuff your shirt into your goody-bag, barely even look at it (what’s another race shirt, anyways?), you don’t even care what sponsors are there, you leave and go on with your day. You show up race morning, run your race, and you go home. That is not our race. You will not find that here. Our race is about details; it's about the experience from the moment you make the commitment and register months in advance all the way until you fall asleep Sunday night, back home resting well after accomplishing your race. Our race is about connecting with other athletes, and more importantly, connecting with yourself. It's about what it MEANS to be a runner or walker. We do not impatiently short cut anything. Detailed though, planning, and execution go into every single thing we do at Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K. The 2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K participant shirt is [...]

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2016 Ambassadors Wanted!

  Do you LOVE running and supporting other women chasing their goals?  Do you want to see the Madison’s women running community strengthen through a supportive and encouraging atmosphere?  Do you want to have an insiders view of how Madison’s first half marathon dedicated to women can make a huge positive impact on our community?  Are you positively active on social media and love to share your running experiences?  Then you can be a Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Ambassador! Compensation:  FREE Weekend Experience Registration into the 2016 Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K event 50% registration discount code to share (limit 1) Discount codes to share with family + friends periodically throughout the year FREE official Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K merchandise (1/4 zip jacket) Get paid 5% commission of individual total sales at expo events Opportunity to see & purchase new merch designs before they are available to public FREE 2015 Her Madison Half Marathon shirt to train in 15% in-store discount at Endurance House Middleton In Return, Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K Requests: Spread the Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K race love to friends & family 2 social media posts per month (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), with direct tagging to Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K social media accounts, representing the race positively and with excitement Minimum 2 on-site expo events, selling registrations and promoting race (2 x 4 hr shifts) Women's’ Expo (Nov 20 & 21) Declare It Day (Feb) Capitol View Triathlon [...]

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